What is inhold?

Inhold is a blockchain-based daily investment using Token Waves, hold for a day and earn a Reward of 5 to 30 percent of the token held, Inhold becomes safe daily program from theft or loss because the token owner simply holds it on Waves' Dex wallet.


What is inhold?

Hold Token in Waves Dex and get reward

Easy to register and without Login

The system uses Google Form, so you can create multiple accounts easily as long as the address is different, otherwise there is no system log in on our website.

ICO is sold at Waves' Dex

We only sell Inhold at Waves'Dex, so you can buy order a few days before ICO starts to get the lowest price

Your Wallet is safe

We do not have a login system so it is safe from losing your wallet or money

Big profits every day

To earn profit every day, inhold holders are required not to Buy, Sell, Receive, Send token for 1 day or until rewards in waves are sent to the wallet.


We use the claim system, make sure you learn it



Sign with your gmail, write your waves wallet address, your email becomes id to make a claim, refer your friend and bounty claim. If you register two accounts with the same wallet, you will be blocked


claim to get a profit of 5 - 30 from tokens that you hold for a day, do not buy, sell, send or receive Inhold after claim or reward will not be obtained, Claim available when ICO Start


To get bounty, sign up here and make sure you do the bounty correctly according to our whitepaper